Pistachio Chiffon Cake

by Vaniglia Bourbon


Pistachio Chiffon Cakes a soft traditional american donut with pistachios. It is good both as a normal donut or even as a base for stuffing cakes. As pistachios are the main ingredients of this cake it is a must to use good-quality ones.


(24 cm chiffon mold)

180 gr flour 00
120 gr pistachio flour Sodano
90 gr wheat starch
300 gr granulated sugar 
7 whole medium eggs (about 420 gr) 
190 ml water 
140 ml sunflower seeds oil 
16 gr baking poweder for cakes
5 gr cream Tart
grated peel from a bio lemon

For white chocolate and pistachios frosting:
200 gr white chocolate
30 gr pistachio paste Sodano

To complete:
pistachio grains Sodano

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