Hazelnut marble chiffon cake

by Vaniglia Bourbon

Chiffon Cake alle nocciole marmorizzata

Hazelnut marble chiffon cake is a very soft American Donut.

Versatile and very easy it is perfect for you breakfast or as a sneak for your children.

Chiffon Cake alle nocciole marmorizzata

This recipe has been realized to test the new Lux chiffon Cake Mould by Pentalux! The mould does not have to be greased: turning the cake upside down when cooked, the heat will create the right humidity to soften the cake, that “condensation” which will also allow the cake to turn out by itself.


(for a 24 cm hazelnut marble chiffon cake)

270 gr flour 00
120 gr hazelnut flour
300 gr granulated sugar
7 whole medium eggs (about 420 gr ) 
190 ml water 
130 ml sunflower seeds oil
16 gr powder yeast for cakes
vanilla bean
5 ml lemon juice
20 r bitter cocoa


Discover the complete recipe on Vaniglia Bourbon! where You’ll find many other recipes realized with Pentalux Cookware.

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