Almond Milk Donut

by Le ricette di mamma Gy

Almond Milk Donut Last week I prepared a donut using Alpro almond milk. I brough it out of the oven and I didn’t’ even have time to take a picture of it as they all ate it and finished it quick.


This week I prepared it again for breakfast after having been accurately menaced by the whole family and I finally took some pictures to put on the blog.
It’s a cake with no milk, no sugar, light but scented and tasty, easy to cook and ideal for morning breakfast or as a sneak, it’s very good soaked in a coffee cup too.


Our food blogger used the giant Donut Cake Pan by Pentalux


24 cm mould

4 whole eggs
220 gr sugar
370 gr flour 00
200 ml Alpro almond milk
80 ml seeds oil
40 gr almond grains
Yeast for cakes (1 sachet)
Sugar grains for topping

Discover the complete recipe on Le ricette di mamma Gy, where You’ll find many other recipes realized with  Pentalux Cookware.

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