Peach Donut in Fornetto Oven Pot

by Pensieri e pasticci

Ciambellone alle pesche in pentola fornetto

I used the Lux Versilia Oven Pot , one of the newest model by Pentalux. It didn’t really disappoint me and look yourself: such a great result! A very high donut, finely leavened, slightly humid because of the ricotta cheese and fruit contained, but very very good!



300 g self-leavening flour
250 g white sugar cane
150 g potato starch
3 eggs
1 pinch of salt
5 vailla extract drops
250 g ricotta cheese
80 g sunflower seeds oil
90 g water
2-3 red peaches
Some tablespoon of brown sugar cane to brush the surface
Sugar powder to decorate

Discover the complete recipe on Pensieri e pasticci, where You’ll find many other recipes realized with Pentalux Cookware.


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