Soft cocoa Tart

by Le ricette di mamma Gy

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Hi everyone and welcome back!
Today I am going to propose a soft cocoa tart, a perfect breakfast cake you can soak it in the milk because of its consistence which is very light and soft but very compact as well.


For a long time I had wished to prepare this soft tart, the perfect base I would have garnished with whipped cream or mascarpone cream making it more delicious, but I didn’t have the classic fluted edge tart mould.


Because of my new collaboration with Pentalux, I could find the cookware I was looking for and I finally could use this beautiful fluted edge tart mold.



24 cm mould

150 gr flour 00
120 grsugar
120 gr butter (I used 100ml peanuts oil)
2 whole eggs
50 ml fresh milk
2 teaspoons yeast for cakes
2 spoons of bitter cocoa powder

For topping:
powdered sugar
raspberries or strawberries as you prefer

Discover the complete recipe on Le ricette di mamma Gy, where You’ll find many other recipes realized with  Pentalux Cookware.

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