Truffle Zucchini Dumplings (vegan Recipe)



These dumplings are prepared with lots of zucchini and a little bit of flour and it’s a smart way to feed with vegetables those who would not do it otherwise, kids or boring people. I dressed them with a fantastic black summer truffle, but the delicate taste is compatible with different sauces (some suggestions in the notes).


This recipe is not only original, light and delicious, but also very funny to prepare as the following easy steps show below.



For the dumplings with zucchini

500g zucchini
150g flour (I used spelt)
Salt, pepper (to taste)
Fresh Thyme (to taste)
Powder curcuma (facoltative)
1 garlic clove

For the dressing with black truffle

2-3 spoons of evo
Black truffle (to taste)

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