Savory Muffins with ham and peas

by Un pizzico di pepe rosa


Savory muffins with ham and peas are soft and fragrant cakes very easy to prepare. As finger-food they’re ideal for an outdoor excursion or a buffet. They could also be perfect as seating plans at an important event and following my example You could use decorated paper cups. It’ll be like bringing spring to your table.


I decided to take advantage from the season and I used fresh peas (but the frozen ones will be good as well). I boiled them, I whisked them and then I merged them to the mixture. I enriched this with ham cubes for a better taste. Even the kids will love them!


Our food-blogger used the non-stick square baking sheet


200 g fresh peas (frozen too)
100 g ham cubes
50 g grated parmesa
200 g flour 00
1/2 baking powder for savory cake(1 sachet)
3 eggs
50 g melted butter
100 ml milk
Salt , pepper

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