Carrots, Thyme and goat cheese Tart

by Pensieri e Pasticci


Feeling not only physically but also mentally tired during these days: although my good proposals or everything I plan to do, just fades away. Maybe it’s the bumpy weather, one day is fine and the other is not, maybe too many things are going through my mind and I can’t keep up with them … it all just results complicated to me. When I am home at night I’m so exhausted I cannot even chill a little bit at my pc desk or try to read my beloved books (by the way I have some good reviews to show you soon … ).
Oh ! Come on! I can’t complain until I am in good health and the back doesn’t hurt! At the end of the day I am a woman, oh yeah!!
I’ve been a little bit inactive in the kitchen I admit it, I needed to prepare easy and quick recipes, and lately I’ve been in the particular mood of savory tarts and quiches. But surprisingly I always obtained unexpected and excellent results; my daughter as well is caring for cooking and engaging with it standing by my side, she’s so enthusiastic! Sometimes, especially on Monday when I go to the gym, she’ all alone and when I get back home I often find nice surprises like a smokey quiche in the oven. That is the moment of life my heart smiles!


But let’s go back to my new recipe: it is luscious and tasty! I used 2 different types of carrots, the traditional orange ones and the most rare black ones that I prefer because they can be better combined with goat cheese and to the flavor of the lemon-thyme, which lately looks luxuriant on my balcony



1 roll brise¨ pâte brisée
1 big orange carrot
2 purple carrot
160 g soft spreadable goat cheese
3 spoons of milk
3 fresh thyme sprig, plus some others for topping
1 egg
Salt and black pepper

Discover the complete recipe on Pensieri e Pasticci, where You’ll find many other recipes realized with  Pentalux Cookware.

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