Artichoke pie with sausage and creamy cheese

by Un pizzico di pepe rosa


It’s definitely a tasty dish, easy and quick to cook. Ideal as appetizer, cut into slices it can enrich a buffet table. It’s very good served cold as well, so You can cook it in advance and bring it to your office as lunch or simply it can be a tasty idea for an outdoor excursion.


I used a typical Sicilian cheese, the so-called “primusali”, it’s a fresh table-cheese, with a delicate bitter-sweet taste of milk. Any supermarket sells this versatile cheese you can perfectly combine with vegetables and for this recipe it totally satisfied me. To speed the process of food preparation I used puff pastry but this filling could also be used for a good pizza.


2 rolls of puff pastry
12 artichokes
1/2 onion
300 g sausage
1/2 glas of white wine
200 g “primusali”(cream) cheese
Extra-virgin olive oil
Salt, pepper
Fresh parsley
1 egg

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