Pistachio Raspberries Chiffon Cake


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What makes this cake a special one? Nobody can explain it better than Monica, as you’re going to read:
This Chiffon Cake is special because everyone can really prepare it. You can realize it in different versions and that’s why it offers a way to share opinions and be friendly. It doesn’t hide any secret and it’s very easy, so passionate chefs or beginners can enjoy preparing it.
Kids or grandparents, the whole family loves it and You can’t avoid looking at it while growing in the oven as a new –born baby is coming to the world: that magic mould, the moves, the ancient or the fairy tales you start thinking about… It is the joy everyone expects, like a cuddle or a slice of happiness.



For its consistency and taste it is better to use raw sugar, but in this case I didn’t feel like alter the pretty green color of the dough, given by the pistachios




For the Pistacchio Rasberry Chiffon Cake:

250g cake flour (I used splet flour)
30g pistachios flour
250g bio white sugar cane
9 gr bio baking powder
1 pinch of salt
6 bio eggs
120ml peanut oil
150ml warm water
Lemon juice (to taste). (some drops)

For the raspberries cream:

250ml vegetal sour cream
200g greek yogurt
60g fresh raspberries
1 spoon sugar cane

For stuffing and topping:

40g di pitted pistachios, natural ones
60g fresh raspberries

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