Savory pie with trombetta zucchini from Albenga

by Pensieri e Pasticci

I’ve spent some holidays in Liguria, on the Goulf of Tigullio, which I love. The weather could have been better, but after all we had plenty of relaxing time , we could oxygenate and hanged out: something I really needed! Let’s start again, living on waiting for next holidays in august hoping the weather will be fine and will still allow us to hang around in the same area, probably next weekends.
So this recipe comes straight from the beautiful Liguria and precisely from Albenga; a friend of mine gave it to me after I had come back from the market where I found a huge zucchini, absolutely extra-big, out of ordinary: 1 mt and 20 cm !!! eheheh
Yes I’m talking about the trombetta zucchini or pumpkin zucchini , a vegetable widely used and cultivated (as well as eaten of course) especially in Liguria and Sicily, which was absolutely unknown to me.
You can imagine the laughing this long zucchini trigged when I showed up holding it in my hands ! And the greengrocer had even cut it for me, otherwise I could have not brought it by biking. I don’t want to know what people could fantasize by looking at me with that loooooong green stick!!! ahahahahah

Compared to a normal and common zucchini, this one is so different: the rind is tough and hard, but inside it is softer and rich with seeds; the taste is very sweet and delicate.
We had a piece stuffed in humid, following the suggestion of a sicilian friend and I used the rest for this succulent savory cake. Mariarita passed me the recipe but I slightly modified it according to my taste. I swear everyone loved it and I will make it again for sure.



For the stuffing

1 “small” trombetta zucchini or cut it half if it is too long (don’t know about the weight but mine was about 70 cm long, according to the original recipe you need 1 kg)
1 onion
2 eggs
30 g grated parmesan
30 g philadelphia
1 sprig of fresh marjioram
Salt and black pepper
Extravirgin olive oil
For the wine Pâte

300 gr flour 00
100 gr dry white wine, not sparkling
80 gr sunflower seeds oil
A pinch of salt
Some spoon of milk to brush

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