Soft Strawberry Cake

by Un pizzico di pepe rosa


Gluten-free soft strawberry cake is a delicious cake filled with lots of fresh strawberries and white chocolate. According to the original recipe the flour type is 00 which I fully replaced with potato starch in order to make this cake a gluten-free cake and even softer and more delicate. It’s a very easy and quick recipe, you only need to prepare all the ingredients in a bowl, pour the mixture into a baking tin and top it with strawberries.


During the cookware will the strawberries totally sink into the mixture. No worries, the result will surprise you: you will only need to serve the cake upside down!
You can replace the strawberries with whatever seasonal fruit you prefer, but it’s important you always dry it very well before spreading it into the mixture. Excellent for breakfast or as a sneak, delicious as a dessert after a meal as well or for an important event.



250 g potato starch *
200 g sugar
3 eggs
200 g butter
50 g white chocolate *
1 lemon (grated peel)
1 sachet yeast *
350 g strawberries

* It’s important to always verify the package wording and the table of contents of the products you’re going to use: products containing gluten or gluten-free, or that this will be marked as a gluten-free guarantee product.

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