Yogurt soft cake

by Un pizzico di pepe rosa


It’s one of the first cakes I ever cooked when I was young. It’s a real delight and I have to admit still today it’s one of the easiest and tastiest recipe I ever did. It takes short time to realize it, You only use 1 bowl and You don’t need any weight balance but just the yogurt jar is going to be your measure unit. It’s a very soft cake, perfumed and wet inside. Today I’m going to prepare it in my favorite version: with citrus fruits and lemon peel. Nevertheless set your creativity free and use the yogurt you prefer the most, fresh fruit or chocolate drops.


I didn’t bake this soft and high cake but I used Versilia Oven Pot by Pentalux, the one our grannies by placing it straight on the gas stove, used to cook delicious donuts with, or even bread, leavened food, savory food and so on. I rediscovered it with Pentalux and I have to be honest: I felt in love with it.
It’s a giant donut pot with a lid with holes and a fire scatterer cooking as a traditional oven. The first thing I noticed is that cakes and donuts are higher and softer compared to the cakes baked in the electric oven, plus you spare on energy costs. It’s a magic pot which will not push you to refuse, even in the hottest days of summertime, a freshly baked bread or a soft donut


Our food blogger used Versilia Oven Pot by Pentalux


24 Versilia Oven Pot

As a measure unit use a 125ml of yogurt jar

1 citrus fruit yogurt jar
2 jars of flour 00
1 potato starch
1 seeds oil jar
2 sugar jars
4 eggs
1 sachet of vanilla yeast
1 Lemon peel
2 spoons of lemon juice o 1 lemon flavored vial

For the frosting:

100 g podere sugar
3 spoons of lemon juice

Discover the complete recipe on Un pizzico di pepe rosa, where You’ll find many other recipes realized with  Pentalux Cookware.

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