Ester Braided Sweet Cake

by Un Pizzico Di Pepe Rosa

Linguine con crema di scampi al prosecco

The Ester Braided Sweet Cake is a rich and tasty leavened ideal for breakfast and a snack for the whole family. The dough is very soft and fragrant and its interior is a real goodness, a creamy filling based on jam, biscuits and almonds. If you then decorate it with colored eggs and colorful sprinkles, it becomes the perfect centerpiece for the table set for Easter. An extra touch? Lace and ribbons can not miss to make this cake even more elegant and chic

ricetta Un Pizzico Di Pepe Rosa. pentalux pentole in alluminio professionale hotellerie made in Italy

This recipe was made with HIGH SIDED BAKING WITH RING by Pentalux .


1 high-sided 28 cm diameter round mould: HIGH SIDED BAKING WITH RING by Pentalux

400 g flour 00
200 g manitoba flour
160 ml milk
160 soft butter
160 sugar
6 egg yolks
2 tablespoons of orange flavor
1 and half cubes of brewer’s yeast
1 pinch of salt
1 sachet vanilla

For stuffing
300 g your favourite jam (mine is berry)
50 g dry biscuits
1 tablespoon of chopped almonds

For topping
3 hard-boiled eggs
melted butter to brush
colored sugars


Check out the complete recipe on Un Pizzico Di Pepe Rosa, where you will find many other recipes prepared with Pentalux products.

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