Russian Braid

by Un pizzico di pepe rosa


I tried for the first time the Russian braid and I noticed You don’t have to be that much experienced in preparing this recipe, as it is very easy. I already said many times how much I love the leavened dough dishes, no matter if savory or if sweet: I enjoy kneading the flour and get dirty with it, plus it distresses me. What surprised me the most in this recipe was the pastry, which results very dry, elastic and soft. Its softness can last over 2/3 days after the cooking, and its smell too. I stuffed the inside with butter and granulated sugar, just like the original recipe foresees, but You can fill it with dry fruit, chocolate drops, marmalade, with whatever you prefer.


I cooked this cake in my new Versilia Oven Pot, it means on the kitchen stove and seeing the result I thought this is really a magic pot. It was ready in 50 minutes, perfectly browning it outside and keeping it soft inside. Those who don’t have this Versilia Oven Pot can regularly bake this braid in the normal oven by using a donut mould or by dividing the pastry in 2 equal parts and cook them into 2 plumcake moulds. Ideal for morning breakfast or as a sneak.



600 g flour 00
250 ml milk
15 g brewer’s yeast
1 tablespoon of powdered sugar
90 g granulated sugar
90 g soft butter
2 eggs
1 vial of orange flore flavor
For the cream:
50 g soft butter
2 tablespoon of granulated sugar

Discover the complete recipe on Un pizzico di pepe rosa, where You’ll find many other recipes realized with  Pentalux Cookware.

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